Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa!
Because I live across the country from my family there's not a lot I can do to celebrate my sisters birthdays with her today and since today is the day to present the new fall cupcake, I think I'll name it after her! Meet 'Lisa Jean, Pumpkin Queen' - a Brown Sugar Cream frosting on Pumpkin Spice Cake filled with a Whipped Cream Cheese filling topped with Shaved Brown Sugar and Amber Sugar Rocks.

So Happy Birthday Lisa, I hope you like your gift and I miss you!

(She's 36! hehehe)


  1. I totally can't believe your sister's 36.

  2. Be very careful Bonnie, some of us know how old you are going to be in just a few days!!!
    I can't wait to call Lisa the Pumpkin Queen!!!
    Keep up th good work.

  3. hi aunty looks great mom wants one! she is so excited that the paper guy liked it. congrats on the artical!
    p.s. miss you tons