Monday, September 7, 2009

I've practiced some fondant techniques and what a difference! These little flowers make cupcakes look special, like they're made for a day of celebration et joie.

These cuty-pantses are part of a bigger order of cupcakes that included Choclit-Choclit, Prairie Girl and Coconut Gale made for a two year olds birthday party. Her mom asked that I make one of the Nilla-Nilla a little more special than the others for the birthday girl, hence the rose and the paper pick...

Sadly, in my haste to deliver this morning, I left the pick at home. I'm so disappointed and I hope the cupcake with its extra rose is special enough.

So now I'm hooked on fondant decorations and, since I've been thinking they all look a little plain, feel the need to redesign the look of the flavours. What could be more fun?

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