Sunday, September 20, 2009

HARS Walk For Life...

Yesterday, Poppy Mallow participated in the HIV/Aids Regional Services Walk For Life by donating about 275 mini's to the walkers, fund-raisers, and installation artists. Kevin and I stayed up the night before to twist about a hundred red fondant ribbons for toppers. It was fun - no matter what Kevin tells you.

As I started putting out the cupcakes, one-by-one, I realized it would take me about two days to get them all into position; thankfully, the university student volunteers, led by the lass in pink from the AIDS Awareness Committee of Queen's, jumped in to help. For their efforts, they got first crack at the cakes!

Here we snapped a shot of the gang of helpers.

And here is the finished set-up (with a few missing, pilfered prematurely by quick, hungry hands!).

We were so well received and people were wonderfully generous with their gratitude and compliments, but Kevin and I are equally grateful to have been allowed to participate. It was a beautiful evening and we loved being outside with everybody, meeting new people and hearing some new stories. Thank You HARS staff and we'll see you next year!

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