Saturday, August 22, 2009

Usually my cupcake styling is all about pretty - the fluffier and pinker, the better. But this doesn't necessarily suit a good portion of the cupcake eating population and I knew the day would come when my creative boundaries would be challenged - I was asked to make a half dozen cupcakes with an army theme to surprise a young miss' boyfriend on break from the air force. The order was Nilla Nilla with army green icing and some sort of whimsical embellishments. I was up for it! (and I was excited to have an excuse to add a new green to my collection of food colouring pastes and buy a new icing tip).

A hand-made air plane pick and little army men defending their buttercream turf!

Young Miss was gracious enough to get back to me the next day to let me know how much he had liked cakes. I had to ask if either of them had choked on one of the men camouflaged in the buttercream 'grass', but she said they had foreseen the danger and had taken evasive maneuvers to avoid the hazard. Thanks to the couple and I'm so glad you enjoyed them!

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  1. So cute! You can do anything! You are so creative!

    Krista - Sugarplum's Cupcakes