Monday, June 29, 2009

Sun and Buttercream - Natural nemeses

Beautiful day, lots of people, most of them eating ice cream. The cupcakes turned out very well, the 'Sweet Alice' chocolate strawberry were the first to sell out - local berries made all the difference, it was really strawberry-y.

I tried a new chocolate icing recipe - hence the Choclit Choclit II designation - and it was a big winner! It's not a Buttercream but a dense Creme Fraiche-Dark Chocolate number. There's sooo much chocolate in this stuff and its not overly sweet, a little like a lightened up, tangy Chocolate truffle. I do need to work on it's looks a little, it's a bit plain - needs some pizazz.

Thank goodness I brought the display cakes their own parasol this time - the sun was relentless. I had to keep shifting the little umbrella as the sun moved across the sky and at one point it got ahead of me - it melted a Sweet Alice's icing into a puddle in a about 30 seconds - a bit of a sticky horror. Next time I'll bring myself a parasol too, even with sunscreen I got a nasty, albeit funny shaped, burn.

Now, off to try my hand at gum paste flowers - keep you posted.


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  2. I know what a horror that melting buttercream is! My heart sinks when it starts go run! Again, your display is beautiful - and I would love to get my hands on a Sweet Alice! Looks delish!

    Keep up the cupcakin'!!!