Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Sale!!!

Saturday was beautiful, warm but not scorching hot, a few clouds rolling about, the occasional breeze... and the people were out taking advantage. In order to secure a spot at the market, we were up at 5:30am, which is the real reason it's called a "farmers" market - only they would get up that early on a Saturday. We were sandwiched between a local organic veggie stand and a verma-compost seller. Do you know worms are $40 a bag?

We heard a lot of compliments on our display which made me very happy. Little cakes under glass like something precious. I did forget my table cloth though, so the plastic table was a bit of an embarrassment, but I'm sure it's something I can live down.

I think the chocolate cake with the dark chocolate buttercream turned out the best - supermoist and dark. Someone came back for a second, which is the most genuine endorsement.

The Little Violet Tart got the most attention, it was the tiny blue flower that caught peoples eye.
So I think it went well for the first time out, and being at the farmers market on a beautiful day was lovely. We got to know our stall neighbors and traded some cakes for greens, heard some great advice from some of the market veterans and got lots of encouragement. Fun day!


  1. How absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of one cupcake under glass. Classy and elegant.

  2. I am curious though... When people would buy a cupcake (or cupcakes), did you have the backup supply in a refrigerated area? Did you have any problems with the icing melting?

    When I deliver my cupcakes - I always freak out and keep my eyes on the cakes rather than the road! When something goes wrong in the heat - it makes me so crazy!!! It is almost like my world melts away!!!

  3. I would love to chat with you more about your experience with the Farmer's Market. I am interested in the specifics of getting set up in my area selling as well. I have not talked to anyone about this - but would love to hear your advice. Your stand is beautiful. I love the way that you showcase each cupcake!