Friday, January 29, 2010

Pretty on The Inside...

You know, I've never really had a long, thoughtful look at the insides of my filled cupcakes - when I make them I taste-test as each componant is finished but rarely eat a fully assembled cake - they get sent out into the world as quickly as they're made. However, after a midweek order was completed and boxed up, I found myself with enough leftovers to make two more Blushette - one for me and one for Kevin. So, taking just as much care as I would if they were part of an order, I fussed up my two tiny cakes, with their sweet, vanilla-ey white chocolate paired with tart raspberry, and took them home to our fridge. No eating them that night - I wanted to wait for daylight to take some snaps of their 'guts' - which consisted of Raspberry buttercream and an up-turned raspberry.

So now I know. Not bad but I think they probably look a little creamier when they havn't been refridgerated overnight - the buttercream gets a little stiff when it's cold and I wonder if the raspberry might hold its shape a little better the first day. Next time I'll make sure to take it apart right after I put it together - then I can eat it on the spot as God intended.

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